What We Do: Resident Services

blood-pressure check at a Merced developmentAt each multi-family community, we provide services to help residents achieve self sufficiency. Services are provided on site. A Resident Services Coordinator works at each community to bring events, activities, and resources to residents.

Resident Services Program Focus Areas/Goals

Our Focus Areas are Employment, Financial Literacy, Education and Health. Below are our goal statements for each area:

Focus Area: Employment

Goal: Increased access to employment resources will lead to opportunities to stabilize, maintain, and/or increase residents' income and overall financial situation.



Focus Area: Financial Literacy

Goal: That financial knowledge will lead residents to increased financial stability, a more stable financial future, and will help maintain the fiscal viability of the property.

Focus Area: Education

Goal: Residents at properties where Merced provides Resident Services will have access to educational resources, which will improve the overall quality of life at the properties, and help youth perform academically.


Focus Area: Health

Goal: That residents will become more physically and mentally healthy and will become more involved in improving the quality of life at the property.





Resident Services Programs include:

• General Equivalency Diploma (GED) Classes and Scholarships
• English as a Second Language
• Computer Classes
• Parenting Classes
• After School Programs
• Senior Activities
• Tutoring
• Referral Services


The Resident Services Program can impact residents’ lives in many different ways, for some it may simply help them make it day to day. For others, it empowers them by providing information and links them to resources that they may not have known about.
Ivy R. Taylor, former Director of Resident Services

Resident Services Program brochure